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On March 28-29, the Irving Convention Center in Dallas will be the place to connect with the US telecom industry at Connected America.

Set up time for a quick chat with Zinier's Steve Yazell and Rakesh Sharma.

Zinier: Your Partner for Telecom Field Service Automation and Optimization

There’s only one thing you need to turbocharge your field service operations: Everything.

Fortunately, Zinier’s no-code development platform provides everything you need to automate and optimize workflows in the backoffice and in the field, and to provide your customers with an ideal experience. And right out of the box, the platform comes with built-in expertise for telecom applications and use cases, such as service delivery, network repair, and OSP/construction workflows.

A Platform Built For Future-Proofing

Future-proof your field service operations with a platform built for field service operations. Why choose between off-the-shelf applications that give you no room to evolve or custom solutions that take too long to implement? Zinier’s no-code development approach gives you a ready-to-use productivity suite that can be deployed – and modified – on the fly, without long development cycles or impractical limitations.

About Zinier

Zinier is the go-to company for managing your field service execution and mobile workforce operations.

The company provides a customizable cloud platform that unifies all your information about work orders, assets, inventory, capacity, workforce, schedules, and the customer experience, using AI-driven automation and analytics. The platform increases visibility into both the internal and subcontracted field workforce to improve quality control, reduce time between construction and installs, and increase workforce capacity through more efficient routing. The platform provides both out-of-the-box software and customizable workflows to meet your diverse business needs. The platform's web and mobile apps automate backoffice tasks, allow your field workforce to seamlessly document their work, and enhance your customer experience.

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