If the world would just stand still for a while, scheduling would be a piece of cake. But there’s always something. And those “somethings” can quickly add up to chaos in your field service operations – or, at the very least, they become a significant drag on your performance.

The good news is that the right scheduling solution can automate whatever scheduling curveballs you find yourself having to accommodate. Instead of constantly juggling a series of chaotic events, you can be benefiting from real-time resource optimization.

We recently helped a telecommunications powerhouse transform their field operations scheduling. The results were striking. With shift utilization up by 50% and SLA adherence improved by 25%, backoffice personnel were now able to spend their time focusing on higher-value activities instead of barely managing to chase down available resources to deal with whatever crisis just cropped up. Field personnel were able to reduce unproductive drive time and mileage (by 30%).

You can find out exactly what they did and how they did it (spoiler alert: they leveraged the Zinier platform to integrate scheduling with route planning and real-time location data) in a new case study. And because the Zinier platform starts with a suite of essential field service applications straight out of the box, they were able to get up and running – and generating tangible value – in a matter of weeks, not months.

Just click here to download the case study.

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