Batman has his utility belt. MacGyver has a hairpin, some used bubble gum, and a bottle cap. And now, field service leaders in the fiber-to-the-premises market can have their own multi-purpose tool to help them out of a jam or to spark some new ideas as they plan for the next quarter.

Zinier's Ultimate Toolkit for FTTP Field Service is a one-click download of many of the resources we’ve created for FTTP professionals (and a few for the broader telecom arena that we thought you’d appreciate). Included in your survival pack:

  • 3 ways Zinier’s Remote Assistant applications can help your field service operations
  • 3 ways your field service management solution can help you build stronger connections with your customers
  • 5 sure ways to spot a customer-centric solution provider
  • A checklist for optimizing FTTP rollouts
  • A guide to boosting metrics in real time
  • How to fast track your fiber rollout with Zinier’s Accelerator Package
  • A guide to keeping your customers in the loop
  • The 3-minute guide to AI for field service
  • The power and perils of visibility
  • Three ways to leverage AI for FTTP rollouts
  • Unleashing the power of visibility

Download your Ultimate Toolkit for FTTP Field Service here.

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