Doug McCullen, Vice President of Sales

Location: UK
LinkedIn Profile

Our European team is led by Doug McCullen who has dedicated his career to delivering high-value software solutions in the Telecom industry. 

As a seasoned expert, he masters the art of motivating an organization towards success. Having been the first European sales hire in three early-stage companies, Doug McCullen's entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined approach to sales strategies has helped these companies and their clients gain traction in both existing and emerging markets.

Doug McCullen is known for inspiring audiences with his belief in the power of collaboration and his genuine care for the welfare of his colleagues. Doug delivers a dynamic and engaging approach to inspire and motivate our clients to strive for success in their fields.

His specialties in sales management, Cloud/SaaS solutions, general management, field service, business development, telecommunications, cable, broadcast, early-stage companies, and high technology companies make him a sought-after expert in his field.

This year, you will find Doug at these events:

  1. Aotec 2023, May 18-19, Alicante
  2. ISPA Business Model Summit, June 8, London
  3. Digital Transformation World, Sept 19-21, Copenhagen
  4. Broadband World Forum, October 24-26, Paris 
  5. Connected Germany, Dezember 5-6, Munich 

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