AI for Field Service‍AI for Field Service‍


The 3-Minute Guide to AI for Field Service‍

A quick introduction to how the tools of artificial intelligence can be used to streamline and optimize field service operations.



Technology and Team: The Journey Here and the Adventure Ahead

Technology and Team: the 2 Ts essential to any tech startup. I’m excited to start my journey as Zinier’s new CEO with a game-changing technology, amazing team and network that Zinier built under the leadership of Arka Dhar - our friend, colleague and co-founder. I am humbled to take the baton from you, Arka - the engineer and entrepreneur behind Zinier, and bring our technology to market with our world-class team of engineers, product managers, customer support, sales leaders and more - a team that is honest, humble, hungry and hustling to realize our vision for the Services industry.

Mobile PhoneMobile Phone


Five for Friday: Mr. Open Source Goes to Washington

The White House gets a new incoming Director of Technology, and AI gets ready for the new challenges of the new year. Catch up on the latest quick reads about the technology you need to keep up on. (Yikes! They say to never end a sentence with a preposition, and that last one ends with two of ‘em. So much for that New Year's Resolution.)



Five for Friday: AI trends (and flukes) for 2021

For your first Friday night of the new year, here are a few quick trends, updates, and oddities (and one outright piece of satirical fiction), about what’s in store for AI, the workplace, and other essential topics for 2021.

Window cleanersWindow cleaners


Five for Friday: The future of work, smoothies, and legal sit-coms

Heads up, algorithm fans! The good news is that there’s (finally!) been a breakthrough in the classic “travelling salesman” problem.



Five for Friday: The changing nature of work, business processes, and coffee makers

”Those are words you never want to hear from your IoT-connected coffee maker. Plus: Catch up on how COVID-19 and automation are affecting the future of work and how the IoT is driving change in business processes. And when AI helps create a work of art, is the AI the artist – or just another widget in the artist’s toolbox?



Five for Friday: Robots on the move, digital ghosts, and AI-driven sketching

Catch up on five quick reads to dazzle your friends when the topic of “What’s new in AI, IoT, automation, and Silicon Valley?” comes up during your Zoom chat? Here you go...



Five For Friday: Legacy systems, new rules for AI chess, and paper joins the IoT

If it’s Friday, it must be time for a handful of quick picks from some of your favorite emerging technologies, like…legacy IT systems? Also: Paper poised to join the Internet of Things, AI ethics, and wearables that think (or at least think they think).



Five for Friday: Robot fighter pilots, surprising AI departments, and driving new tech adoption

Looking for some light weekend reading? Check out these quick hits from the worlds of AI, IT, and remote work.

Car plantCar plant


Five for Friday: Fighting fires with AI, robots that only see the good, and one knowledge graph to rule them all

Fall is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to cozy up with a cup of tea and these quick takes from the worlds of firefighting, technology, and travel.



Five for Friday: APIs that care, chatbots that (probably) don’t, smart ventilators, and smarter teeth

Need to prep for next week’s virtual water cooler (or Slack) power chitchat? Check out these quick takes from the worlds of field service, technology, and dental hygiene.

Planet EarthPlanet Earth


Five For Friday: Contact tracing, robot chefs, and your favorite furry co-workers

Looking for a quick read before you dive into the latest Netflix series this weekend? Check out these insights from the worlds of field service, startup culture, and technology.

Electricity pollElectricity poll


Five for Friday: COVID Resources and Van Gogh’s AI-Driven Selfies

Earlier this week, TCS and Zinier released a field service automation solution designed to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. That announcement inspired several of this week’s collection of five bullet points from the worlds of field service, enabling technologies, and startup life.



Nasscom 2020: Joining the Global Conversation on Innovation and Automation

Last week, more than 500 companies representing over a dozen countries convened at the 28th Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum in Mumbai to discuss how technology will help drive innovation and deliver value over the next decade.



What’s Trending in Field Service for 2020?

As 2019 draws to a close, field service leaders are already defining what the next decade of field service will look like. AI and automation will play a central role, whether it’s automating routine tasks or looking at historical trends and real-time data to predict failure in advance. So will the tactics and tools used to support an evolving workforce.



The Future Of Service Delivery: Humans, AI, and Automation

On a quiet street in Bend, Oregon, the world’s last Blockbuster Video sits between a nail salon and a take-and-bake pizza chain.

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