“That’s a nice mug of coffee you got there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.

”Those are words you never want to hear from your IoT-connected coffee maker. Plus: Catch up on how COVID-19 and automation are affecting the future of work and how the IoT is driving change in business processes. And when AI helps create a work of art, is the AI the artist – or just another widget in the artist’s toolbox?

Here are your quick pre-weekend reads on what's new in field service, automation, and your favorite technologies:

  1. Sure, you can’t be held responsible for any criminal acts you might commit before you’ve had your morning coffee. So how do you think your IoT-connected coffee maker feels – it doesn’t even get to drink the stuff at all. Don’t be surprised if someday it gets fed up and goes rogue.
  2. In the post-COVID world, the role of automation will have an even bigger impact on the future of work.
  3. As the IoT has matured, it’s become more than just a “thing” – it’s become an essential tool for doing business. Not only has the IoT been essential for helping to keep operations humming during the pandemic, but 74% of those surveyed by Vodafone say it has changed their core business strategy for the better.
  4. The World Economic Forum weighs in on how AI is driving change in risk management and compliance issues.
  5. When AI software is included on the placard describing a piece of art hanging in a gallery, should it be as the name of the artist – or in the description of the media used by the artist?

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