Technology and Team: the 2 Ts essential to any tech startup.

I’m excited to start my journey as Zinier’s new CEO with a game-changing technology, amazing team and network that Zinier built under the leadership of Arka Dhar - our friend, colleague and co-founder. I am humbled to take the baton from you, Arka - the engineer and entrepreneur behind Zinier, and bring our technology to market with our world-class team of engineers, product managers, customer support, sales leaders and more - a team that is honest, humble, hungry and hustling to realize our vision for the Services industry.

2021 is a big year for our team. We have the opportunity to use our low-code platform to drive meaningful change in the Services industry. Services power our lives through the expected and unprecedented. At Zinier, we believe the combined power of humans and machines is the key to the Services workforce of the future and keeping our world up and running.  

Field Service is complex. I started my career as a field service engineer at Schlumberger Oilfield Services, as a part of and later managing drilling crews across Europe and Asia. It was all pen and paper and on premise back then. In many cases, it still continues to be the same - involving a disparate and complex chain of communication across machines, dispatch, technicians and customers. Businesses have historically seen Field Services as a cost center. We have a massive opportunity to leverage customer centricity, continuous improvement and an automation mindset to add value to the broader business by customizing service and driving innovation. Zinier’s AI-powered low-code platform is at the heart of driving this paradigm shift.  

The new era of Field Service is here and it is going to be an incredible adventure ahead for our team, customers and partners. Looking forward to growing together and a very fruitful and rewarding journey ahead.

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