Looking for a quick read before you dive into the latest Netflix series this weekend? Check out these insights from the worlds of field service, startup culture, and technology.

  1. Even as IT budgets shrink in response to COVID-19 and its economic fallout, IT leaders are being asked to do more. Check out this list of the most popular pilot projects for CIOs – and how they just might help you get through the pandemic.
  2. Like Tiger King and TikTok, contact tracing is on everyone’s mind in 2020. In this opinion piece, Wired looks at what countries have gotten wrong about contact tracing apps – and how we can use them to drive better decision-making.
  3. Thought your Tuna Niçoise salad was a bit dry? Take it up with Sally the salad-making robot. Justin Phillips of the San Francisco Chronicle looks at our changing attitudes toward autonomous chefs – and what that means for the future of dining out.
  4. Need something on the lighter side? Check out these photos of incredibly nose-y WFH co-workers.
  5. Now that everyone's on Slack, how do you keep them engaged? From virtual office hours to mandatory days off, CIO looks at some of the ways IT leaders can keep their teams happy, healthy, and connected.

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