If it’s Friday, it must be time for a handful of quick picks from some of your favorite emerging technologies, like…legacy IT systems? Also: Paper poised to join the Internet of Things, AI ethics, and wearables that think (or at least think they think).

  1. If you were on the Internet five years ago, you’ll remember when the only thing people could talk about was what color that dress was. (Spoiler alert: It was white and gold.) A new dress ups the ante by incorporating a bit of IoT, a brain-computer interface, and full-body visualization of neural activity.
  2. You probably don’t need to see the pie chart in this article to tell you that IT overall spends three times more to maintain and manage legacy systems than it spends on developing, enhancing, and modernizing its infrastructure. (And you definitely don’t need to see the quote from Warren Buffet about who’s been swimming naked.) But this analysis from IEEE Spectrum offers some intriguing insights about the hidden world of legacy IT systems. (And don’t miss the “About the Author” backstory.)
  3. A lack of global diversity is stagnating the work of many organizations working to codify AI ethics, per an essay in MIT Technology Review.
  4. Some new printing technology threatens promises to turn every piece of paper in the world into a network of interconnected self-powered smart devices. Bonus: You may learn a new word (“omniphobic”), which you might think describes your reaction to the prospect of a world in which every piece of paper becomes part of a network of interconnected self-powered smart devices. (It actually refers to a class of coatings that prevent anything from sticking to paper or other surfaces.)
  5. Not satisfied with thrashing the puny humans at chess, AI-based gamers are now exploring new varieties of the game (like “no-castle” chess) so that they can thrash the puny humans in new and different ways.

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