Community Fibre takes its name seriously. Not only has it strived to provide the fastest fiber-to-the-premises service across London, but the Zinier customer has provided free high-speed internet service to over 300 community centers in the city. It's also worked to make sure its commitment to ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles are reflected across its supply chain and business practices. A new article in Supply Chain magazine provides a behind-the-scenes peek at how the company has put that commitment into practice.

And, as the article points out, the rapid growth and hyper-competitive nature of its business means that it's essential that the company is able to respond quickly to changes and new opportunities in its market. Zinier's no-code customization capabilities were designed to provide field service operations with that kind of high degree of resilience to react in real time to new business requirements and new insights about their markets.

Check out our case study showcasing several examples of how a Zinier solution helped to boost installation metrics in real time. Download it here.

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