In the next 60 seconds, you could watch a couple of dancing cat videos on TikTok – or you could implement some quick and easy ways to save yourself five figures every month. (Now imagine what you could save if you spent just a couple hours fine-tuning your field service operations?)

We recently spent a day with a leading fiber-to-the-home installer and helped them identify how to save time and money with updates they could implement in a matter of minutes – not weeks or days. Find out exactly what they did, how they did it – and what the impact was. 

In 60 seconds, you could watch 2 dancing cat videos on TikTok…or you can save $10,000 off your monthly field operations expenses. 

Zinier’s field service solution gives you the rapid time to value of off-the-shelf field service software with the unlimited flexibility of custom-developed tools – but at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to Zinier’s no-code customization, you can make changes whenever your requirements change – and without any technical expertise. And those instant improvements add up to real value. 

(And let’s face it – you’ve seen enough cat videos….)

Show me the money! 

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