The field service industry is at a pivotal crossroads. Margins are shrinking, the volume of work is increasing, and customer expectations around the speed and quality of service have never been higher.

At the same time, an influx of smart sensors and IoT-connected devices is creating new data streams for companies to manage.

Taken together, these challenges are forcing companies to rethink how they originate, assign, and execute work. Legacy solutions and manual processes are no longer able to keep pace — in order to remain competitive, field service organizations need to focus on intelligent automation.

Enter ISAC.

ISAC stands for Intelligent Service Automation and Control. It’s something of an homage to Isaac Newton, the famed mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. But it’s also the clearest way we know to spell out our vision for field service today and into the future: an intelligent, automation-first platform that companies can easily configure to build their own AI use cases and drive efficiency.

I don’t want to go too deep into the platform here. There’s a product page that spells out all the different features, and a press release that highlights a few top-line benefits. Instead, I want to share why we think ISAC is a game-changer for the field service industry.

Transforming Field Service With AI-Driven Insights and Recommendations

When we talk to customers today, they often bring up the same problem. Each of them wants to drive down their operating costs, but they also need to execute on an increasing volume of work.

Some companies respond by deploying more systems, which can lower visibility and force back-office coordinators and field technicians to spend valuable time searching for information or manually logging work.

Others try throwing more bodies at the problem, hiring third-party vendors who can easily create operational bottlenecks.

At Zinier, we think the answer is intelligent, AI-driven automation. ISAC is the eyes, ears, and algorithms that analyze your organization’s past and present to help you win in the future. Whether it’s triggering a preventive maintenance request based on real-time equipment health or recommending a stock transfer based on historical data, ISAC empowers you to solve your organization’s most pressing problems before they occur.

With ISAC, you get:

  1. Real-Time AI Recommendations: ISAC is always running in the background, observing what’s happening in the field and recommending the next best move.
  2. Seamless Integrations: Organizations can easily connect all their critical systems using Zinier’s set of APIs and integrations, ensuring that all relevant information is factored into each insight and recommendation.
  3. Flexible, Configurable Platform: With ISAC as the foundation, customers can easily build AI solutions for the use cases most important to them. Need to spin up a new use case or change the underlying algorithm? Updates can be made in minutes, not months.

ISAC is available now. For more information on Zinier, please visit our website.

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