Zinier recently became a card-carrying member of the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK). Established in 1995, when TikTok was still just the sound that clocks made (back when clocks made sounds) and three years before Netflix would emerge on the scene as a great way to get DVD rentals through the mail, the ISPA UK helps to promote the development of the Internet industry in the UK.

That’s a goal we’re squarely behind. The skyrocketing demand for field service to support the skyrocketing growth of broadband in the UK has driven us to expand our European presence. We’re working with companies like Community Fibre (and others we’ll be announcing shortly). And we’re excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming Connected Britain event, coming up on 20-21 September in London.

The explosion in the European fiber-to-the-premises business is an industry that’s tailor-made for the Zinier platform. Companies are engaged in a fiercely competitive market where boosting field service productivity and, in turn, customer satisfaction gives them a critical competitive edge in today’s telecom gold rush. And these are just two of the many things our customers have come to expect from Zinier.

But in the interest of full disclosure, there seems to be something else driving our expansion in the UK. They have these things called pubs. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? We were supposed to illustrate this blog post with some images showing how the Zinier platform was helping our UK customers achieve unprecedented productivity and flexibility and…well, these photos are what the team provided.


If you’re attending Connected Britain, stop by to meet the Zinier team in booth GB 160, or connect with us at hello@zinier.com.

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