Services shape our lives. From the electricity that lights our homes to the mobile phones that keep us connected no matter where we are, we take for granted the things we can turn on with the flip of a switch or the tap of a button. But when just one of these services goes down, our day suddenly goes sideways.

Invisible to us are the hundreds of thousands of project coordinators, engineers, technicians, and dispatchers working behind the scenes to ensure that everything around us runs smoothly.

Our origin story

We started Zinier four years ago with a simple vision: using technology to shine a light on the work being done in the field.

At the time, most field service organizations worked in the dark, with limited visibility into what was happening across their teams.

And so we started with a simple prototype and a few POCs. From those early customers, we quickly realized that the field service industry as a whole was still stuck in the era of digitization, while others were making large leaps forward into automation and AI.

When Girish joined our team as CTO in 2017, he brought years of experience leading R&D for a legacy field service software provider. His perspective and experience helped us reimagine how a modern platform could empower field teams:

  • It all starts with the platform. While other companies have built their products on top of legacy technology stacks, we set out to build our own AI-driven platform.
  • It should leverage new technology. From AI to the IoT, it should use the latest tools to drive smarter automation.
  • It should play nicely with others. Instead of ripping out existing solutions, it should amplify what was already in place.

Who we are today

Fast forward to today, and automation is transforming an industry long dominated by decades-old software vendors. AI and automation are no longer the domain of sci-fi novels — they are real-world solutions that our customers are using to drive efficiency and scale.

As companies reimagine what the future of work will look like, we’re partnering with large system integrators like Tata Consultancy Services to help field service organizations equip their back office and field force with the technology they need to surge past the competition.

At the same time, we’re taking a brief pause to make sure our brand reflects who we are today and where we’re headed.

Our brand, evolved

In 2015, our company was focused on creating visibility. Our logo, our colors, even our name reflected this mission.

If you break down our old logo, the ‘Z’ actually represents the pulse of an organization. The color orange is meant to signify the sun, shining a light on the work being done in the field. The name Zinier is derived from an old Nordic word for truth-seer.

Old Zinier Logo

Visibility will always be critical to success in the field, but over the last four years our technology has evolved from a simple mobile app to an AI-driven platform that brings together people, AI, and automation.

Our new logo reflects this shift, with an emphasis on connectedness, movement, and unity.

Zinier Logo

Our platform is all about better technology, but with a purpose – improving the lives of people, from workers in the field to the customers who rely on services every day.

What’s next?

Although our brand looks and feels different, our mission remains the same: help power the hundreds of thousands of field service folks who keep us in the daily rhythm of our lives.

We hope you join us as we define what the future of field service looks like.

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