Metro Connect USA provided a vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas about challenges, priorities, and solutions for optimizing field service infrastructure for the telecom sector. For example, GreenLight Networks’ President and CEO Mark Murphy spoke about the impact of the recent surge in demand for fiber-to-the-home coupled with declining costs and prices for high-speed broadband. (Leveraging these trends will be key for the company’s efforts to sustain its high NPS score.)

Some of the hot button issues that our team heard cited frequently included:

  • New spending on infrastructure in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • The challenges created by ongoing supply chain disruptions along with the resulting challenges for managing inventory
  • The need to adapt to new workforce realities, such as ongoing shortages for key talent in the backoffice as well as in the field (for example, fiber splicing skills are especially short supply)

Providing access to broadband is still necessary, but is no longer sufficient for companies aiming to thrive in the fast-paced market for fiber-to-the-premises and other competitive offerings. To truly stand out from the competition, many companies are placing greater emphasis on value-added services and the quality of their service delivery.

For example, the speed of responding to a service outage is emerging as a critical differentiator. Superior customer service is increasingly viewed as a viable way for emerging companies to outshine established incumbents. (And established incumbents are increasingly recognizing the importance of improving their customer service.)

These factors have driven strong interest in developing stronger approaches to various types of process automation.

For companies interested in exploring the various ways that the Zinier platform can help them leverage field service automation and optimization to sharpen their competitive edge in the telecom arena, we’ve put together “The Ultimate FTTP Field Service Toolkit” packed with resources and tools to help you plan and implement effective and productive solutions.

Download Zinier’s Ultimate FTTP Field Service Toolkit here.

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