When it comes to your field service operation, what do you find yourself daydreaming about most often?

  • Customizing or updating your workflows?
  • Insights on your capacity management?
  • Improved scheduling?
  • Real time, actionable visibility?

Some people say the secret to great field service is having the right person in the right place at the right time. But you might want to add one more thing to that maxim: having the right tools can also make a huge difference.

And of course as anybody who’s ever spent even a few minutes wandering around your local hardware store knows, you can never have too many tools. But there are some tools you really need – like a really well-made hammer or screwdriver – and there are other tools you probably don’t really need but really want – like maybe an inflatable air shim.

And that got us wondering: What tools would you most like to add to your toolbox for field service operations? It might be something you know is missing, and you find yourself wishing you had it every day. Or it might be something you’re not quite sure what you’d use it for, but you have a hunch it could come in handy.

Click on over to our 1-question poll on LinkedIn. We’d love to hear what’s #1 on your wish list.

In fact, our Chief Product Officer and co-founder Andrew Wolf would like to hear even more. He’ll reach out to a couple of you who respond to our poll to have a virtual coffee with you so you can share more details about what’s on your wishlist. (You never know – Santa might come early this year.)

Tell us what tool you'd most like to add to your field service toolbox here. Our co-founder and CPO Andrew Wolf is eager to hear your thoughts.

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