You know the old saying that “You’ve gotta learn to crawl before you can walk”? And you’ve gotta get pretty good at walking before you should try running, right?

But let’s face it. What most of us want is to find the fast track that takes us straight from daydreaming about crawling right into a space-age pair of rocket shoes that lets us effortlessly soar wherever we want to go. 

And that's especially true for companies in the race to install high-speed fiberoptic systems into homes, businesses, and other customer premises.

And you know what? When it comes to optimizing your field service performance, we might be able to help you slip into those rocket shoes faster than you might think. But the first step on that fast track is to get a clear sense of exactly where you are right now. Crawling? Walking? Or already zipping around the skies doing fancy footwork as you fly through the air with the greatest of ease? 

Introducing…the Z-Scale

You know how temperatures are measured on the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale, and earthquakes are measured on the Richter scale, right? Well, we’ve come up with the Z-Scale to help you get a handle on just where you are on the path to optimum field service performance. Just answer a handful of questions and we’ll give you an instant assessment of your current capabilities and what your ideal next steps should be.

Ready? You're just two minutes away from getting your Z-Scale score. Click here.

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