One of our goals for Zinier’s solutions is to produce applications that are as easy to use – in the field and in the backoffice – as the best consumer-grade applications. You probably don’t even think that much about your own favorite apps that you use everyday. They just work, and don’t intrude on your daily activities. Maybe you’re always on Slack all day long or spend your evenings on Netflix or TikTok or take care of your transportation thanks to Uber or Google Maps, all without really noticing that you’ve been using those apps.

Zinier’s Director of Product Design Enrique Alvarado has his own favorite app that inspires the way he thinks about our own products: Figma. If you ever do any design work, chances are you share his enthusiasm. For everybody else, all you really need to know is that Figma has taken the design world by storm.

Why? Enrique points to three main reasons:

  • “They’ve obviously listened to their customers. They know what their customers want, and prioritize product development based on that input. Sometimes I find myself wishing they’d add a certain feature, and – voila! – a week or two later, there it is.”
  • “Attention to detail is key. Their software has many, many features, but they’ve created a user experience that’s never overwhelming, and lets me focus on my work, rather than focusing on figuring out their product.”
  • “There are a few things they don’t do – everybody still uses other products to prepare print work, for example – and they stay within their lane. Maybe they’ll add that functionality down the road, but they don’t add features until they can offer a best-of-breed experience.”

Taking inspiration from Figma’s ease of use – something that non-designers can use to create striking and polished visuals – Enrique worked to make the interface for Zinier’s Task Builder easy enough for non-coders to create high-impact and effective field service solutions.

No-Code Mobile Task Builder

“We always keep our focus on improving the lives of our customers – the deskless workers who create and maintain the world’s infrastructure. They’ve got a challenging job that keeps them busy – the last things we want to do is make their job more complicated.”

If you’re interested in joining a team that’s working to improve how the world’s deskless workers get the job done, take a look at our open positions here.

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