When he daydreams about a different career, Vipin Mohan sometimes thinks about becoming a chef. “If you can make tasty and delicious food, you can easily win anyone’s heart,” he says.

And in reality, as a Senior Development Lead, he often finds himself already acting a lot like a chef – just one with different types of recipes. As the leader of a team of solutions specialists, he often needs to come up with just the right choices that will fit the appetite and tastes of a particular customer. “We need to process and provide solutions to their problems in milliseconds,” he notes – which is pretty much the same task that a chef faces when hungry customers tell them they want something familiar, something new, something light, definitely something filling, not too expensive – and can it be ready ASAP?

In fact, if you ask him to tell you about the skills he applies everyday at Zinier, you might think Vipin was describing how a chef puts together a memorable meal: “I need to make sure our customers always get the quality they expect. So part of my role is to be an expert about everything that’s available to get them what they want. And because you should always expect the unexpected, it’s important to always remain calm while you evaluate possible solutions.”

Sure, that could be a job description for a field service solution development role – or it could be a teaser for that new Hulu series The Bear that offers a behind-the-scenes look at running a busy restaurant. (Except in Vipin’s case, the star on the menu isn’t the beef sandwich – it’s his chicken curry.)

To balance out his interests in the kitchen, Vipin also is a self-confessed “fitness freak” who likes running and lifting weights. (Those skills may also come in handy occasionally as a Senior Development Lead, but he didn’t offer any details.)

Interested in joining the Zinier “kitchen”? Check out the open positions on our careers page.

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