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Product Newsletter: Refresh Your Operations this Spring with Zinier’s Latest Features

In this newsletter, you’ll discover our latest product enhancements: improvements to the drag-and-drop scheduling experience, updated filters for dispatchers, and color indicators to make the lives of field technicians easier. And, that's not all - we're working on a powerful integration with Chat-GPT to help field teams solve unforeseen challenges and reduce the need for a second truck roll! Here’s a quick preview.

Task List ActionsTask List Actions

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Take Action from the Mobile Task List

Based on client feedback, we are excited to introduce an enhancement to the Mobile Task List that allows technicians to take task-specific actions directly from the Task List screen – including accepting or rejecting a task – without having to enter the task workflow.

Recommendation Search and FilterRecommendation Search and Filter

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Recommendation Search & Filter

As Recommendation usage has increased, we’ve been closely monitoring your feedback and are excited to introduce a number of improvements. These include search, filtering, and new expiration rules to declutter the recommendation center and allow dispatchers to take action on what matters most.

Calendar View FiltersCalendar View Filters

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Calendar View Filters and Improvements

We are introducing a number of enhancements that improve the overall usability and performance of the Calendar View. These include page-level filters to help you find the right tasks and technicians, and enhancements to the task list that facilitate quicker load times.

Visual CuesVisual Cues

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Visual Cues to Improve Drag-and-drop Scheduling

To help take the guesswork out of drag-and-drop scheduling, we introduced several enhancements to the Calendar View that make the decision of where to drop a task more intuitive. 

Capacity ManagementCapacity Management

Product Spotlight

Product Overview: Capacity Management

One of the most-requested new capabilities customers have been asking for is Capacity Management. Capacity and demand are constantly changing. With tools to adjust and optimize your workforce in real time, you might feel like Golidlocks, fine-tuning everything until it’s “just right.”

Unit-Level Parts & Inventory TrackingUnit-Level Parts & Inventory Tracking

Product Spotlight

Product Overview: Unit-Level Parts & Inventory Tracking

Inventory issues account for a lot of that wasted time – driving down first-time fix rates and killing customer satisfaction metrics. Good news: Unit-level parts tracking now comes out-of-the-box on the Zinier platform.

Map View EnhancementsMap View Enhancements

Product Spotlight

Product Overview: Map View Enhancements

Visibility is essential for a high-performance operation. And visualization is a crucial piece of the visibility puzzle. The upcoming improvements in Map View in our Dispatch Console brings dispatchers the ability to manage their field teams more effectively, resulting in more consistent and predictable service for their end-customers.

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Updated Mobile Task List

In addition to a refreshed UI, the new mobile task list in the Zinier app now shows sync status and additional details about each task. The result? Better coordination between the backoffice and the field and more clarity for technicians about what lies ahead.

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Customer Portal

The Zinier Customer Portal application solves these problems by providing no-code customizable, end-to-end ownership of customer experiences, from appointment scheduling and management to communication and security.

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Remote Assistant

The Zinier Remote Assistant app leverages the Blitzz Visual Assistance platform to enable technicians to connect with subject matter experts, in real time, to solve issues in the field.

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