Zinier breaks the mold of your typical early-stage technology venture. Apart from having a global presence with four offices spanning from California to India, we prioritize investing in our people. 

The Z-Awards - an initiative to celebrate excellence aims to recognize outstanding achievements and exemplary performance across various categories, highlighting the diverse talents and contributions that makes Zinier truly exceptional. This initiative not only celebrates individual accomplishments but also strengthens our sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

“The Z-Awards is an esteemed recognition program designed to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals within our organization,” shares CEO, Prateek Chakravarty,  “It serves as a platform to honor our employees who consistently go above and beyond their responsibilities, demonstrate exceptional skills, and make a significant impact in their respective roles.”

The Z-Awards program has nurtured a culture of appreciation, motivation, and recognition. By shining a spotlight on exceptional achievements and celebrating outstanding performance, the award program serves as a driving force to inspire and motivate others to pursue excellence in their endeavors. The Z-Awards committee comprising members from diverse geographical locations and departments have a key role in driving the program. The different categories are defined below. 

  • The ZinStar quarterly award recognizes employees who demonstrate a commitment to the three guiding principles pillars: #takeownership, #deliverawesome, and #enjoytheride.
  • The ZinSpark quarterly award celebrates employees who ignite and fuel the fire by exceeding expectations, thinking outside the box, and executing tasks at lightning speed. In their work, they are tagged with #aboveandbeyond and #outsideofthebox and #atthespeedoflight.
  • The ZinZen (High Impact ) half-yearly  award recognizes consistently high performing employees who demonstrate excellence in their Quality of Work. 
  • The ZinSpire Team half-yearly  award recognizes significant team contributions for a special / successful project delivered by a functional Team. This team would have exemplified a #WinTogether attitude to resolve any escalations / issues raised by customers.

Spring 2023 Winners

This quarter’s awards, like those that came before it, had the same ripple effect–inspiring us to engage in healthy competition with each other and driving overall performance improvement within our organization.

This quarter’s exceptional awardees are truly inspirational and aspirational. They are true testaments in setting higher goals, innovating, and striving for excellence in their own work.

 In this Q1, 2023, we want to celebrate and recognize the following winners:

Sreenivas Viswanathan

Sree has played a pivotal role in addressing various critical issues related to CFL (name of the product/service) throughout the past quarter. Not only has he showcased extensive expertise in the product domain, but he has also demonstrated a hands-on approach, delving into the intricacies of the code. Sree's innovative thinking has enabled us to identify and resolve problems affecting the CFL solution, and his proposed ideas have effectively mitigated these issues.

Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah is a dynamic individual who embodies the essence of out-of-the-box thinking and surpasses the speed of light when it comes to innovative ideas. With an unwavering determination to go above and beyond expectations, he consistently challenges conventional boundaries and dares to explore uncharted territories. Abhishek's exceptional ability to take ownership of his work is truly remarkable. He approaches every task with a sense of ownership and responsibility, ensuring that each project receives the utmost care and attention to detail. His relentless drive to deliver results and exceed targets makes him a force to be reckoned with. Abhishek Shah's distinctive blend of creativity, passion, and accountability sets him apart as a true trailblazer in his field.

Tuhin Debnath

Tuhin Debnath is a visionary thinker, operating at the speed of light with his out-of-the-box ideas. His ownership and drive for excellence set him apart, consistently delivering exceptional results. Tuhin's ability to think beyond boundaries makes him a valuable asset to any project.

Tina Truong

Tina's work spans various functions such as Strategy & Growth, Marketing, People Ops, Customer Success, and IT. She consistently embraces challenges, exhibits exceptional organizational skills, and consistently delivers high-quality results. Furthermore, Tina's creative problem-solving mindset, often overlooked, contributes significantly to her effectiveness. Even after four years at Zinier, Tina remains a reliable team member, known for successfully completing challenging projects on time and with outstanding quality.

Swetha Nair

Swetha Nair has been nominated for the ZinStar/Spot Award, recognizing her remarkable contributions during Q1 of 2023. Swetha has made significant contributions to employee engagement, particularly evident in her excellent coordination and logistical support for the India Engagement Event. Additionally, her diligent efforts were instrumental in the success of our first-ever Client Executive Visit, as she efficiently handled coordination, and logistics, and promptly fulfilled team requests. Her contributions were duly acknowledged by Vikram S. Swetha consistently displays a positive attitude, exhibits a strong commitment to learning, and deserves recognition for her exceptional contributions.

Pavan Kulkarni

Pavan Kulkarni is a true epitome of excellence, consistently striving to #deliverAwesome results. With an infectious enthusiasm, he embraces every challenge and approaches it with a spirit of #EnjoyTheRide. Pavan takes ownership of his work, ensuring that every task is executed with precision and dedication. His commitment to achieving remarkable outcomes sets him apart as a true leader. Pavan's unwavering passion and drive make him a valuable asset to any team or project.

Nilesh Kumar Pandey

Nilesh Kumar Pandey is an exceptional individual, consistently exceeding expectations to #deliverAwesome results. With unwavering passion and ownership, he inspires others to #EnjoyTheRide. Nilesh's relentless commitment and drive make him an invaluable leader.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit's success can be attributed to his strong determination and passion for work. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement! Despite joining us recently, Rohit quickly acclimated himself to the team, demonstrating commitment and hard work. He played a pivotal role in accelerating the project's progress, assuming a major part of the development of the Fluke project independently. Rohit's ability to grasp the product's intricacies and requirements promptly, alongside optimizing ZQL queries for Fluke, significantly enhanced system performance and aided Akshata in performance testing benchmarking. Additionally, Rohit ensured thorough dev testing for all stories, providing clear details about impacted areas, thus assisting the QA team in comprehensive test coverage. Your accurate estimations and consistent on-time delivery are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a key team pillar and fostering positive growth. Keep up the excellent work, Rohit!

Aswin Kumar

Aswin has exemplified exceptional teamwork and reliability whenever the team required his assistance. Despite not being initially involved in the project, he took up the complete Recommendation upgrade for Compugen, showcasing his commitment to delivering outstanding results (DeliverAwesome). Aswin has played a vital role in the MTS project from the beginning, helping the team understand requirements and identify gaps. His thorough design analysis for the PQA project, along with raising crucial concerns, deserves recognition for his meticulous approach.

Akash Kushwaha

Akash has significantly contributed to the BV PQA & BV Turf Phase One projects. His commendable leadership skills have driven the team to deliver on time without compromising quality. Akash's team collaboration has been highly regarded during customer demos for both projects. He consistently handles complex issues with remarkable success. We extend our appreciation for Akash's commitment, dedication, efforts, and overall contributions. His unwavering support throughout the BV journey is commendable.

Jasper Perumal Henry

Jazz has consistently gone above and beyond expectations, managing multiple projects such as Midco, CFL, and taking ownership of performance testing for the solutions team. He not only mentors the team in performance testing but also leads and closely collaborates with Afour tech for automation. Jazz's sincerity and hard work.

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