Toshiba IT-Services Corporation and Zinier today announced that the two companies have embarked on the second phase of a trial of Zinier’s field service automation software to streamline a variety of planned and emergency operational challenges.

Yasushi Sugiyama, Director and CTO at Toshiba IT-Services, noted that “We recognize the value that Zinier’s software can bring to our operations.” Mr. Sugiyama continued, “We expect that Zinier’s solution will improve operations for both planned and emergency maintenance, and will also accelerate the digitalization of our workflows. A successful second phase of the project would validate a rollout of Zinier’s solution across all of our facilities in Japan.”

The first phase of the project was focused on critical operational challenges including:

-       removing bottlenecks that were impeding the time required to dispatch resources

-       leveraging automation to improve operational efficiency

-       consolidating tools to capture progress and reporting into a single application.

Mr. Sugiyama noted that Zinier’s software yielded high accuracy (80-90%) in its automatic dispatching functionality. This accuracy was measured by comparing the results produced by Zinier’s algorithms with those produced by Toshiba IT-Services’ in-house experts. Zinier’s no-code field service automation platform enabled the rapid deployment of a solution that factored in inputs such as availability, skill level, and location, along with other factors to drive sophisticated real-time recommendations for assigning technicians by intelligently capturing the complex logic behind technician assignment.

Zinier’s CEO Prateek Chakravarty commended the diligence exhibited by Toshiba IT-Services’ team throughout the proof of concept experience. “This is a team that not only knows their business and their operation, but they have the vision to understand the art of the possible as they pursue innovative approaches to optimizing their operations.”

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