The Dynamic Audits Advantage

You know how you sometimes see an image of someone with a tiny little angel and a tiny little devil standing on their shoulders? This dynamic duo seem to have nothing better to do than offer their advice on what our hero should do. Should you make some room in your lane of traffic for somebody trying to merge? The angel says “Yes, do the right thing.” Should you take the last donut from the break room at work? The devil says “Go for it!”

Well, suppose your field technicians could have that kind of real-time guidance on their day-to-day activities? Naturally, you’d only want to let the “angel” have a say – no devils allowed in your field operation!

Our new Dynamic Audits product basically gives your field technicians an angel on their shoulder offering guidance to help make sure they get the job done – and done right the first time.

For many field service organizations, auditing work plays an important role in maintaining quality and keeping customers happy. As part of this process, backoffice auditors are tasked with reviewing photos and other data captured in the field, and either approving or rejecting that work.

Traditionally, the audit process is a time-consuming manual process, especially if the audit is lengthy. Additionally, unstructured feedback is rarely easy to resolve while the field technician is still on site. Ultimately, this often results in technicians having to return to recapture data and pictures.

Here’s a look at some of the common challenges associated with the way audits are typically managed, followed by a preview of how Zinier’s new Dynamic Audits product addresses those problems.

Time consuming

Audits can be time-consuming to complete and review (try providing feedback on dozens or even hundreds of photos – it’s not easy). 

Inefficient feedback

Field technicians often don’t get feedback until they’ve left a site. Once they do get feedback, it can be difficult to act upon efficiently – especially for complex jobs that involve hundreds of photos and other data. 

Unnecessary repeat visits

When work is rejected by an auditor and the feedback is not communicated in a timely manner, a technician may be required to return to the site to recapture data or retake photos. 

Audit requirements change frequently

In the fast-paced world of field service, audit requirements are bound to change. Being able to adapt quickly is key to staying competitive.

These are real challenges for many field operations, especially in today’s tight labor market where junior technicians are often assigned to complex tasks they may not have the appropriate experience or skills to take on. 

Real-Time Feedback for Real-Time Results

Dynamic Audits addresses these operational challenges by reducing manual work, improving feedback efficiency, and, as a result, reducing the average number of truck rolls.

As soon as a photo or other data is captured, the supervisor can give it a thumbs up or down. Basically, he or she is playing the role of the angel, either telling the technician they need to take another photo (and why), or giving the technician a virtual pat on the back. 

Dynamic Audits enables you to:

View task/audit progress in real time

You can review photos and other audit data captured by the technician in real time while a task is still underway. 

Submit live feedback as the audit progresses

When feedback notifications are provided in real time, technicians can act upon it before leaving a site. 

Approve, reject, and comment granularly

Dynamic Audits lets you approve, reject, and comment at the component level so technicians know exactly what needs to be adjusted to pass an audit.

Boost technician performance

Since technicians can access the audit feedback in real time, their performance (on metrics such as first-time fix rate) will be significantly improved.

Modify Audit Workflows – No Coding Required

With Zinier’s  no-code Task Builder, whenever you decide to modify your audit workflows – perhaps reflecting changes in what needs to be approved/rejected – you can implement those changes in real time without writing a line of code, whenever your business requirements change. 

With Dynamic Audits, you can: 

Build audit tasks quickly using no code

Create audit tasks quickly and easily using our no-code Task Builder.

Make workflow changes in real-time

Create and modify audit/task workflows in real time as business requirements change.

Leverage component-level feedback control

Decide which audit fields need to be approved/rejected when building your audit tasks.

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