Doing everything you possibly can to boost customer happiness is a top priority for many companies trying to optimize their field service operations. One of the keys to achieving that goal is to make sure that you’re helping your customers stay informed and in control of their schedules. And the first step in that direction is to recognize that any visit to the customer premises is an item on their schedule as much as it’s a task on your schedule. 

Zinier provides several tools to help you provide your customers with an experience that will keep them informed, engaged, and – ultimately – pleased with their side of the field service experience. These tools include Customer PortalAppointment Booking, and Customer Communications

There are four key aspects of these tools that enable them to deliver on the promise of customer happiness: 

  • The customer experience
  • Off-the-shelf functionality
  • Robust appointment management
  • No-code customizability and automated updates

Customer Portal

Customer Portal is a responsive tool that you can quickly and easily configure to match a diverse range of customer scenarios. Equally important is the ability to quickly adapt to changes as your business needs evolve, as a result of changes in factors such as: 

  • scheduling
  • personnel availability
  • inventory issues

Customer Portal facilitates your ability to ensure the best possible customer experience regardless of these types of inevitable changes. From booking to task completion, Zinier’s Customer Portal also streamlines customer interactions. Throughout the appointment management lifecycle, it handles appointment scheduling and management, keeping customers updated on the status of their appointment. 

The portal provides customers with all needed notifications, and also offers customers access to the latest information via a secure details page. The portal can be accessed via text or email through a unique, secure link that keeps their data safe. These options provide customers with the freedom to choose how and when they want to interact with the portal. And of course they also have reassurances that their private information remains confidential.

Out of the box, Customer Portal will already be configured with the following notification options:

  • Booking Invite: An invite to the Customer Portal that enables your customers to select a appointment time that works for them
  • Appointment Booking Confirmation: After customers have selected an appointment time, they’ll receive a confirmation message to know that their appointment is scheduled.
  • 24-Hour Reminder: Customers will get a reminder notification 24 hours before their appointment. 
  • Technician En Route: Customers will also be alerted when the assigned technician is on their way to the customer site. 
  • Task Completion: The Customer will receive a notification once the appointment/task is complete.

Appointment Booking

Zinier's Appointment Booking enables you to offer customers with several tools they use to manage their appointments:

  • Book an Appointment: Customers have the option to select an available appointment window directly from the customer portal for a time that works for both your workforce and them. 
  • Reschedule an Appointment: In the event that the scheduled time no longer works, customers can easily select a new available appointment window.
  • Cancel an Appointment: Customers can also cancel their appointment directly or by calling a support helpline. 
Customer portal to manage appointment booking for both customers & workforce

After setting an appointment, customers can also review their appointment details at any time, including the following:

  • Confirmation Number: Each customer receives a unique confirmation number to look up their appointment details and securely access the Customer Portal
  • Service Type: Customers will see have visibility into exactly what work will be done during the appointment (e.g., installation vs. repair)
  • Appointment Information: Details about the site address, date, and time of the appointment

Throughout the lifecycle of the appointment, the customer can also Track Appointment Progress across the following stages: 

  • Appointment Created
  • Task Assigned & Scheduled
  • Task Dispatched
  • Technician On the Way
  • Task Completed

In addition to being able to confirm these details, customers can also view the technician’s progress on a map once they are en route, which provides them with additional confidence in and reassurance about the overall process.

No-Code Customizability and Automated Updating

No two field operations are alike. And chances are, your field operations won’t be the same from one week to the next. That’s why our tools for optimizing your customer experience provide  you with the ability to customize your workflow in a no-code environment. And to further streamline your operations, they also automate updates across the Zinier suite of products. For example: 

  • Administrators can brand Customer Portal based on their company's branding guidelines, including choosing the color scheme and incorporating a logo.
  • Any information managed in the portal will be synced to all of the data presented to back office personnel as well as to  field technicians who use the Zinier mobile app. 

For a deeper dive, you can see a short video demo of Zinier’s no-code customization capabilities here

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