This week, we’re flipping around our customary five tidbits from the week’s news about AI, IoT, 5G, and related topics and turning them into quiz questions you can ask your friends and family.

Q: What do the following movies have in common: The Front Page, His Girl Friday, and Citizen Kane?

A: If Google’s new AI tools for investigative reporting catch on, those journalism-themed movies could someday be remade with the lead roles recast as data scientists.

Q: The expression “The camera never lies” has been obsolete for a while when it comes to still images, but when did that phrase lose all credibility when it comes to video images?

A: Right around the time you watched this demonstration of AI-based video completion.

Q: Almost half of iPhone users thought they already had 5G service before Apple announced what, earlier this week?

A: The company’s first phones with 5G capabilities.

Q: Could labels on IoT devices (similar to the nutrition labels you already see on food packages) help people understand the security and privacy issues introduced by those devices?

A: Have nutrition labels had any impact on the sale of Pringles?

Q: One of the earliest computers, the Zuse Z4, was plagued by which of these issues:

(a) Took up a very big room

(b) Saddled with WWII baggage

(c) Ran on magnetic tape

(d) Until recently, nobody had a copy of the user manual

A: All of the above

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