As 2020 slowly sails into the sunset, a few trends for 2021 are becoming clear: The impact of the cloud will expand, security risks (and solutions) will proliferate, and low-code development will graduate from a nice-to-have to a must-have approach to application development. And if you're counting down the seconds until we can finally turn the calendar to 2021, you'll be glad to learn about a more accurate way to count those seconds in this week's roundup of technology trends you need to know about.

  1. Here’s a no-brainer prediction for 2021: The cloud will eat everything. On-premises deployments of all types of legacy systems are disappearing – either because the vendor is sunsetting them, because the customer has recognized the favorable economics of cloud alternatives, or both.
  2. There’s a good chance this will be the last Five for Friday post about “Scary things from 2020 you need to worry about.” (Or at least the second-to-last.) You may have been spooked by revelations about some large-scale international cybersecurity breakdowns (or break-ins). To make matters worse, it’s now been demonstrated that RAM cards can be hacked into WiFi transmitters. Translation: The air-gap you were counting on to keep devices secure may no longer be enough.
  3. But hey, maybe Faraday fabrics could provide new security options?
  4. The trend toward low-code development will continue to grow, with low-code capabilities providing alternatives to the challenges presented amid an ongoing developer drought (at least in the US).
  5. Are you still relying on old-fashioned atomic clocks for your hyper-accurate time-keeping needs? That’s so 2019. Soon, the well-dressed wrist will be sporting a quantum entanglement atomic watch.

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