There’s a new wrinkle emerging in the 5G rollout, and some new advice about how to communicate the value arising out of your data models (spoiler alert: it involves cheese). Catch up on the latest trends and technologies shaping the world of field service operations (including some holiday shenanigans).

  1. The explosion in demand for 5G is driving innovation (and, with it, some uncertainty) for the future of corporate networks, notably in the manufacturing sector. We may be seeing a more diverse mix of corporate-owned spectrum mingled with carrier-managed networks. One likely consequence? Greater complexity in the hybrid field service workforce needed to support the new infrastructure.
  2. Even if you’ve had your fill of stories about pandemics and vaccines, this one’s got a key takeaway that you can probably apply directly to your field service challenges: “You can’t just give people more data and expect them to act differently.” Plus, this story from MIT’s Technology Review may also help you learn the right way to drop in a casual reference to the “swiss cheese model” of accident causation during your next risk-management whiteboarding session.
  3. Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed an AI tool that they say can distinguish between conspiracy theories and bona fide conspiracies. (Of course, that’s just what you’d expect them to say.)
  4. Is there anything machine learning can’t do? DeOldify, a deep learning AI project, has been used to colorize and restore the 1943 classic musical Stormy Weather, giving you an excuse to watch this clip during work hours.
  5. If you believe the holiday season doesn’t officially kick off until you’ve heard Frank Sinatra belting out a holiday tune, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news? We’ve got one right here for you. The bad news? It’s a new AI-generated song called “Hot Tub Time” crafted by the Open AI Jukebox.

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