If it’s Friday, it must be time for a handful of quick picks from the latest in the worlds of field service, startup life, and under-the-hood technologies, including insights on security and edge computing for IoT – and another installment of AI-driven photoreal images of historical figures.

  1. As electric utilities cope with the ripple effects of COVID-19, Boston Consulting Group offers some guidelines about how to be more adaptive, comprehensive, and proactive as part of their recommendations for risk mitigation. The recommendations came as part of a recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission event to assess the pandemic’s impact on the energy industry, as reported in Power.
  2. Cloudflare’s CEO explains why most of the people embracing edge computing for IoT and other applications are doing so for the wrong reasons. Improvements in speed might be what attracts people to edge architecture, but for most applications the real benefits are actually things like ease of use and regulatory compliance.
  3. Also on the IoT front: Security is a growing challenge – and an increasingly misunderstood one, according to Stacey on IoT.
  4. What’s in your wallet? Cred.ai is creating an AI-driven credit card and banking platform. But will it be smart enough to tell you whether those shoes Amazon wants to sell you are a good idea?
  5. Last week, we told you about how machine learning helped to transform Van Gogh’s exquisite self-portraits into your basic run-of-the-mill selfie. If you’re hungry for an encore, check out how machine learning tools have helped bring several dynasties of Roman emperors to photographic life.

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