Here are a few after-hours ideas from the worlds of field service, technology, and startup life.

  1. On July 20, 1969, the first men walked on the moon. One day and 51 years later, NASA’s in-space field service operation fastened a “robot hotel” to the International Space Station.
  2. IT priorities are on the move. CIO magazine offers its take on the winners and losers in the post-COVID landscape.
  3. AI that learns at the speed of light? Another milestone for photon-based computation.
  4. If you have “something breezy about calculus” on your summer reading list, check out Steven Strogatz’s Infinite Powers. The book was inspired by an offhand comment physicist/raconteur Richard Feynman made to Herman Wouk (author of many summer reading classics, like The Caine Mutiny).
  5. Butlr is an IoT startup that creates systems to track individuals’ motion (via body heat) for home and retail applications. With stores scaling back operations, the company latched on to a new – and possibly bigger – use for its tools: monitoring adherence to social distancing and capacity guidelines.

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