2020 made one thing clear: the only constant is change. Disruptions to how we live and work have forced us to quickly adapt in this new reality. From WFH to distance learning and virtual hangouts, the past 11 months have taught us a lesson in flexibility, staying connected and being resilient.

At Zinier, we work with some of the most critical service providers who keep our world up and running, despite disruptions to their workforces, processes and protocols. These companies rely on their field service teams to stand on the front lines of maintaining these services that we rely on 24/7. It is our job to help these teams do their jobs. We must help them anticipate and navigate disruptions - from the everyday obstacles to the once in a decade sort of disruptions. It is on us to provide the tools to improve agility, stay connected and be resilient - from their tech platforms to their back offices to the front lines in the field.  

This week, after almost a year of WFH, we held our all company Sales Kick Off -- virtually. As we all logged on across 7 time zones and 10 countries, it was clear that we, as a team, must be connected and resilient if we want to empower our customers to be the same. Along with guest participants including Black & Veatch and Tata Consultancy Services, we spent SKO sharing, learning and building better ways of supporting our customers and each other. In the world of field service, you must work with urgency and agility - and so do we. To do that, our team needs to stay more connected than ever.

We have a big year ahead in 2021 and I am proud to be on this adventure with our incredible team - through silly face contests and all.

How are you staying connected with your teams?

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