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Recently, I presented at ISE Expo, where I engaged with Field Service professionals and discussed the trends shaping field services in 2024 - digitization, generative AI applications, and workflow automation. It's evident that we're moving towards executing field services in a smarter, more efficient, connected, and automated manner. I am most excited about the practical application of generative AI tools and technologies to empower and support the Field Service engineers and technicians on the frontlines do their job well and with customer delight. It is heartening to see that we all are putting efforts to see the world through the eyes of these frontline workers.

I also had fascinating exchanges with leading CEOs and operators in the Renewable Energy domain; leaders who are driving forward the sustainability mandate across the globe. We discussed the need to evolve from a plain vanilla digitized form and checklist approach to a more holistic customizable platform approach to drive their digital transformation initiatives as they scale their operations.

Closer to home, this month, we proudly launched “The Z-Leadership Development Series”, to nurture and develop exceptional leaders who will carry forward our mandate to bring Technology Equity to the global workforce. At Zinier, we learn and act fast, we deliver awesome, we are passionate for growth and we take ownership. This program, born out of our Career Development Workshops, equips our Leads and Managers with the skills and insights they need to excel in their roles and drive our company's success.

Wishing you a fantastic Q4 filled with connected, smarter, and more efficient field services.

Prateek Chakravarty

Chief Executive Officer

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