A global leader in enterprise technology solutions for restaurants, retailers, and banks has successfully deployed Zinier’s cutting edge Low-code/No-code platform to improve operations visibility for its Mexico Affiliate. This strategic partnership has resulted in a 50% boost in field service performance and an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 99.6%. 

The Mexico-based affiliate, driven by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting customer needs, recognized the need to enhance operational visibility and streamline field service operations. The company faced challenges with legacy business applications, including delays and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance violations. 

The integration of Zinier’s innovative field service management platform with the existing work order management system, combined with the introduction of automated field engineer recommendations based on critical factors such as availability, skill and proximity, have significantly improved the back office efficiency. 

Within a single quarter, the company achieved remarkable results such as:

  • Increased the number of tasks completed by 50%
  • Improved success rate from 70% to 98.8% through Zinier’s mobile app, which facilitated communication and visibility
  • Raised customer satisfaction from 80% to an outstanding 99.6% by offering real-time updates through a customer portal and boosting technician effectiveness in the field. 

According to the Project Manager, “We selected ZInier for its flexible and powerful true platform approach. Due to the complexity of our end customers, we rigorously searched for a tool that would give us the autonomy and flexibility to create, modify, and maintain our own processes.  Zinier’s “NoCode/LowCode“ Platform provided that autonomy while accelerating the deployment of new use cases”.

Prateek Chakravarty, CEO of Zinier, expressed excitement about the expansion of their technology and team presence in Mexico and Latin America. He said, "Empowering frontline workers is the fundamental mission of Zinier, and success stories like this, validate our value proposition."

About Zinier

Zinier is a company on a mission to empower frontline workers – and the people supporting them – to achieve greater things for themselves and the world around them. With the majority of workers worldwide being deskless, Zinier recognizes the need for technology equity to improve the lives and productivity of these workers. Guided by a deep understanding of the world of frontline workers, Zinier orchestrates workflows to help field service organizations install and maintain their critical assets in the field that facilitate the development of a smart, connected, sustainable world.

Zinier offers a connected cloud platform that brings together work orders, assets, inventory, capacity, workforce, schedules, and customers using AI-driven automation and analytics. Its web and mobile apps automate back-office tasks, enable technicians to record their work seamlessly in the field, and enhance the customer experience. The platform is designed with both out-of-the-box software and customizable workflows to meet diverse business needs. This has resulted in cost savings, higher revenues, and improved employee engagement for customers worldwide. 

Zinier’s global team is headquartered in Silicon Valley with leading investors including Accel, ICONIQ Capital, Founders Fund, Newfund Capital, NGP Capital, Tiger Global Management, and Qualcomm Ventures LLC. 

Learn more at www.zinier.com 

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